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Welcome! My goal as a massage therapist is to educate my clients about the importance of massage and its benefits in helping to maintain and improve your general health and well being.

I want to help you have a better life and help you achieve your active life goals through quality massage techniques with massage therapy that is good for you.

My massage philosophy is more than just about “feeling good”. I know that massage therapy is a powerful tool for health maintenance and improvement.

Therapeutic Massage is an integral part of maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. Whatever your health goals may be, Massagebee can customize a massage treatment session or a program to help you meet those goals.

Whether you want a relaxing massage, a rejuvenating wellness massage or a session designed around low back or any body pain, I can customize an approach to each individual’s needs to help you improve your physical well being.

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Sports Massage refers to a style of massage which improves athletic performance, endurance, and mental focus. As a cyclist, runner and yoga practitioner, I have experienced firsthand the benefits of sports specific massage techniques. My style of massage addresses major muscle groups with a firm, directed pressure and an understanding of the kinesiology of the muscles involved in your particular activity.

Prevention of injuries and reduced muscle and injury recovery time are but two of the benefits of Sports massage. Massage also improves circulation while removing lactic acid buildup and cellular wastes after an event or strenuous activity to help keep you performing at your best.

back massage imageWellness Massage focuses on relieving stress and getting you back into your body again. Massage helps you to reconnect with your inner source of being by helping you to take the time to feel yourself again.Getting regular massages can help you find the balance in your search for wellness.

Injury and illness Massage could be necessary when you over do it physically as well as emotionally. Massagebee's forte is working with hard to figure out problems - back/neck pain, carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia, sports injuries, plantar fasciitis and more.

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I will also work with people on an ongoing basis with the goal of preventing injuries and preserving health.

I have been working with athletes, computer related stress syndromes, injuries from motor vehicle accidents and other problems such as quadriplegia, multiple sclerosis, and chronic fatigue. Massagebee has helped many people find relief from back/neck pain, headaches, fibromyalgia, heel pain, tendinitis, TMJ, carpal tunnel and other muscular-skeletal issues.

My training has been extensive and I continue to participate in continuing education in the areas of Trigger Point Therapy, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Therapy, Active Assisted Stretching, Muscle Release Technique, and Full Body Swedish Massage.

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