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Client Testimonials

" I injured my back when I was 24 which ultimately affected the limbs on one side of my body. There are days that I cannot stand upright or put weight on my leg. I have been to dozens of medical professionals including a few other massage therapists. Then I found Christine at Massage Bee. What a difference! She is knowledgeable and understanding of medical conditions and the 'domino effect' they can have on the body. Now, at 39, I am active and able to walk again. I still have setbacks and that's when I make an appointment with Christine. She is the only massage therapist I will entrust even though others have told me I should go 'here' or try 'there'. If you want a real massage for your money, go to Christine. You won't regret it. It's only Massage Bee for me!!"   

"I've been to so many different massage therapists over the years and finally have found one who I feel comfortable going to over and over again because of the results. Christine tailors the massage session to exactly what is going on with my body in the moment -- it isn't a cookie cutter massage, but is very specific to what is hurting me. Another thing I love is that Christine gives you the full hour, not 50 minutes like many others in town. She's got a great personality, too, has created a very warm environment and is very skilled with her techniques. I highly recommend her."
L. N.

"I am a regular client of Christine's.  She is always accommodating of my schedule and it is easy to get an appointment that fits my schedule.  Christine always asks if there is anything in particular I would like her to work on (I used to get knots in my neck, more recently I have had foot cramps, etc.).  I am a cyclist and often have muscle issues related to sports.  Christine does a good job of working on whatever I need.  I also appreciate that she attends continuing education and learns and uses new techniques that really work.  She also often follows up with suggesting specific stretches or other advice (i.e. to alleviate foot cramps when swimming), and sometimes she will forward a demonstration video to me via email (with my permission) that demonstrate stretches.  The atmosphere at her office is very relaxing and she will play music according to your preference."
A. R.

"I've been a client of Christine's for several years  - I'd recommend her to anyone, in fact I often do. I like the fact that she comes from a nursing background so she has a true background in healthcare and human physiology. I appreciate she takes a sensible and practical approach to my needs."
S. B.

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